How SLPs Can Survive The Last Few Weeks Of School!

How Speech Therapists can survive the last weeks of school
So my fellow school SLPs, the end of school count down is ON!! But how do we survive without going crazy or collapsing on the floor of exhaustion? Well, honestly my best two tips are be organized and make lists! I'm a list maker. Are you? I am not ashamed to say that I write simple tasks down just to cross them off my list.
Eat lunch
drink more diet coke
check Instagram....
Seriously friends, we need all the help we can get these last few weeks - I have a few helpful ideas (and freebies) I'll share with you.

Spring Cleaning and Organizing My Speech Therapy Materials

Anyone else struggle with organization like me? I have SO many materials for my speech room - yes, many printed off of Teachers Pay Teachers. I'm also guilty of letting papers pile up and not filing them better. Can you relate? I realized it was hurting my productivity - all the searching for that specific task card, a certain book filled with the /S/ sound, the spring themed activity...and WAISTING time!! So let me tell you what I'm doing about it! Don't miss the freebie in this post!

A February Full Of Fun In Speech Therapy!

February in my speech room is full of fun! As I was sitting down to plan my month out, I thought I'd share my plans. SO much is going on, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, President's Day, Black History month, and I am presenting on social media and hosting a booth at TSHA at the end of the month! So, read on and grab some ideas...and a few freebies of course!
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