My 6 Favorite Christmas Books For Speech Therapy

Merry Christmas everyone!! You know how much I love using children's books for building vocabulary and language skills in my speech room, right? Well, I've scoured 6 of my favorites to share with you how I use them and YES, I made you a free download - Language Bookmarks as I like to call them. 

4 Halloween Books With Free Language Bookmarks

Halloween is such an exciting time. I love the fall season and getting in the holiday spirit in my speech room. If you follow this blog, you've seen some of my Articulation Road Maps and Sound Bookmarks. 

Road Maps For Speech Sounds: Organizing & Books For R

To those who have been following the Road Maps For Speech Sounds series, thank you for your patience. As we all know, /R/ is a beast and it took longer than I anticipated. As I was going through my books, it was hard to narrow down my absolute go-to suggestions. Our "favorite sound" to work on is in nearly every book, but I wanted to select those that would have the greatest impact in a variety of formats. Along with Road Maps For S and Z and Road Maps For L, I also created a my best tips, a list of activities to pull from, and a short word list for prevocalic R, vocalic R, and R blends. 
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