How To Use Your iPad & iPhone To Practice Articulation

I love articulation flash cards, and I love technology. I have a FREE way to “make” your own real-life articulation cards to store on your mobile device! No app to download either! How? Read on and grab the freebie too!

How to make your own articulation practice pictures using your iPhone or iPad
Articulation cards are a staple in speech therapy rooms everywhere. I love playing Go Fish and Memory games, not to mention flash card drills. I also have some great go-to iPad apps that are fantastic.
But, I wanted to use my own pictures and I didn’t want to print anything.

Enter the FREE iCloud Photo Sharing (previously known as Photo Streams) that comes built in to every iPhone or iPad. With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can easily organize, store, and share a collection of photos with others.
I use iCloud Photo Sharing with family to share photos of my kids. I’m sure you do as well. It’s a much easier way than texting every picture to each family member! Here is a step by step to create a shared photo stream:
1.  Launch the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Tap the Shared tab in the bottom menu.
3. Tap the plus sign (+) in the upper left corner.
4. Give your new stream a name and tap Next.
*I have them broken down by sound like: “R Articulation”, “SH Articulation”, “V Articulation,” etc.
5. Add the people you’d like to share it with. For now, just use your own   email address. Then tap Create.

Make your own articulation cards with cloud sharingUsing photo sharing to make articulation cards

To add photos to individual streams:
1. Tap the stream with a sound you want to add photos to.
2. Tap the plus sign to add photos.
3. Select the photos (you can do multiple at a time) and tap Done in the upper right corner.
4. Enter what you’d like to say (I simply label each picture) and tap Post.

Using your iPhone or iPad to make FREE articulation cards in speech therapyEasy and FREE way to share articulation photos using your iPhone or iPad

You are able to share with parents and students can practice at home! It will be stored on their mobile device in the same way!
Here's how (see pictures above): 
1. Tap the folder you want to share. Then tap "people" on the bottom.
2. Click "invite people" and type in the email of the person you want to be able to view. They will get an email asking them to join. 
3. Make sure to have the green button on where it say, "subscribers can post." This is what gives them the ability to add their OWN pictures. AND, you will both see them. **keep in mind ANYONE who has this folder can see- make sure you pay attention to privacy rights of your students. You may need to make individual folders.

So, where do I get pictures...EVERYWHERE! Home, school, the grocery name it. All it requires is you to have your iPhone or iPad and snap away! I often have my boys “hunt” for certain sounds while grocery shopping. This gives them something to do...and saves my sanity.
How to use your iPhone or iPad to create articulation cards

The beauty of the iCloud sharing is that it does not clutter up your photos. Once you add a photo to sharing, you can delete it from your regular photos app.

I have a free download here to help you get started. It has ideas for some of our common target articulation sounds and some empty spaces for you to write your own ideas. After you get started, I’m sure you will easily start adding to your own collection.

I find having these handy for quick, no prep sessions can be a lifesaver! I have even started making some apraxia and multisyllabic categories.
The best thing is that they are FREE! 


  1. Love it! Especially how you keep your boys busy while doing errands!

  2. This is a fantastic idea, especially when you work at multiple schools. I'll be using this in the future. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

  3. Brilliant idea! I never thought to use the photo sharing for this! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this idea! Could the student or parent add pictures of pets, siblings, or anything else that the student is having a hard time pronouncing?

    1. Mary, Yes! That's the fun part! (I will edit my post above to explain this more). So, select the photo group you want to share with a family. At the bottom, click "People," then "invite people." Make sure the button for "subscribers can post" is green. This gives them the ability to add their own photos to the file and you both can see them! Next, type the email of the person you want to share with. Then click "Add" in the top right corner. I hope this helps!

  5. Does this use a lot of storage on an iPad?