Spring Cleaning and Organizing My Speech Therapy Materials

Anyone else struggle with organization like me? I have SO many materials for my speech room - yes, many printed off of Teachers Pay Teachers. I'm also guilty of letting papers pile up and not filing them better. Can you relate? I realized it was hurting my productivity - all the searching for that specific task card, a certain book filled with the /S/ sound, the spring themed activity...and WAISTING time!! So let me tell you what I'm doing about it! Don't miss the freebie in this post!

My bookcases are filled with binders of various colors and sizes that I've collected over the years as well as random (usually repurposed) trays and containers with articulation cards, supplies, and games. Did it work...sort of, but not really. Did it make me happy to be in my "work space?" NOPE.
So recently, I wandered (happily) around Target and Michael's (both WAY too close to my house) and scrolled around Amazon and found exactly what I wanted to use. Enter - clear Sterilite containers and crisp white binders. Yep, that's it! But what I discovered was the simplicity and uniformity of them DID make me happier to look at my surroundings while in therapy.
One more hang up...I share a storage area with the PK and Kindergarten team. Let's just say I want to make sure we all know who's things are who's. So I decided to make labels for all my new organizational containers. You can have them too! They are also perfect for those of you who have to pack up your ALL your materials for the summer!
As you can see in the pictures above and below, they are organized by months and themes. 
Over 60 to be exact! The container labels come in 5 different sizes as well - pretty much any clear storage container will work - all you have to do is print and cut apart! There is a space to put your name if you want. Check out the Speech Therapy Container Labels and coordinating Speech Therapy Binder Labels in my TpT store for more details.
In addition to the months and themes bin labels and binder labels, I realized I (we) have an incredible amount of articulation materials. I personally like to have them also organized by sound. Do you?
So, I made Articulation Binder Labels too! 

I also am IN LOVE with these colored storage boxes from Michael's (40% off + teacher 15% off discount)!! They are perfect for storing my Articulation Cards!! There are 16 boxes in each set and it comes in a clear handy carrying case, but I wanted to use them on my bookshelf, so I easily unhinged the bottom and just have it permanently in place. 
If you are a traveling SLP or go into the classroom frequently for push in, then these are for you!
You can download these mini labels FREE! 

I hope I've given a little inspiration to you - do you spring clean in your speech room? It feels so good- just the happiness I needed to get me to JUNE!!!! 
Got some good organization tips? Let me know in the comments!


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