4 Halloween Books With Free Language Bookmarks

Halloween is such an exciting time. I love the fall season and getting in the holiday spirit in my speech room. If you follow this blog, you've seen some of my Articulation Road Maps and Sound Bookmarks. 

I was recently digging through my Halloween books pulling out some vocabulary and I thought I'd share them in a bookmark with you! Amazon Affiliate links included. Are these comprehensive?...no. They are quick language targets to use with various grade levels - a little something for everyone. Vocabulary, Story Recall, Inferencing, Social/Emotional and a few more. 
4 books with FREE downloads to use in Speech Therapy this Halloween
My hands down favorite is Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson. Why do I love it? What do I use it to target?
-Social (teamwork)
-Grammar (irregular past tense verbs)

I just discovered Bone Soup by Cambria Evans.
Why do I love it? What do I target in Speech?
-Vocabulary ( AH-MAZING vocabulary!)
-Story Recall
-Writing Prompts
*you could also do a fun snack...make your own "soup" 
Bring in and make a "mix" to share.

I also love Hallo-Wiener by Dave Pilkey. Such a sweet message! This is the perfect book to work on inferencing! What else do I work on?
-Story Recall

My last book is Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman. Why do I love it? How do I use it?
-Social Emotional
-Story Recall
I made these bookmarks to tape on the inside of the front cover of each of these - perfect for last minute therapy planning! They list all the vocabulary words to target and more. 

Get your free download HERE.  

I'd love for you to PIN one of the images above so other SLPs can get this download too!


  1. These books look great and I love your organizing goal targets on a bookmark that can easily be kept with each book. I'm going to use this idea for other books I use! Thanks so much!

  2. This is an awesome freebie! Thanks so much! You surely touched on EVERYTHING we do with our books! :)
    Thanks again! Happy Haunting