Hide and Seek: The Speech Room

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
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Please welcome my guest blogger, Jenn from Speech Therapy Fun!

Hide and Seek: The Speech Room
The speech room, for the lucky SLPs who actually have a room and not a closet or a hallway, is the traditional place to have speech therapy.  Due to this being the ’traditional’ place, sometimes it becomes boring and monotonous for students.  We, as speech therapists, need to make sure that the speech room (or speech closet for us unlucky ones) is where our students not only learn, but where they are engaged and are having a blast!  So how do we do that? 

My answer is...GET ACTIVE!  Think of your speech room as one big game room...how can you use the chairs, the desks, the floor, etc. in fun and interactive ways?  Here are some ideas to get you started:
  1. Have scavenger hunts!  Make them general themed or holiday themed, such as an Easter Egg Hunt during the spring months.  Address pronouns, requests, WH questions, following directions and more while the students search for the clues around your speech room.
  2. Play Simon Says ‘Speech Room Style’! Use the room and the furniture while playing Simon Says.  For example, ‘Simon says find a blue chair and sit on it’ or ‘Simon says find the biggest table and touch it’.  This can be used to address following directions, questions, spatial and temporal concepts and more!
  3. Play Hide & Seek! Have a student find a hiding spot in the room.  When the other students begin to look for him/her, give them clues such as ‘He is hiding in something brown’ or ‘He is hiding under a piece of furniture’.  This game can address problem solving, following direction, basic concepts & pronouns. 
  4. Have an Articulation Floor Race! If you have tiled floors (or floors with any type of squares or lines), you can have a ‘Floor Race’.  Have students line up next to each other (each student standing on a different tile).  The first student to go has to say his/her sound 5X.  Once the sounds are produced correctly, he/she flips a coin.  Heads = 2 tiles and Tails = 1 tile.  The student moves that amount of tiles and then the next student takes a turn.  Whoever gets to the end of the room first, wins!

There are so many ways to keep therapy fun in the old, boring speech room. Keep it engaging and interactive for your students!  Make your speech room into the place where the ‘Speech Therapy Fun’ never ends ;-)
Speech Therapy Fun’s home base is www.speechtherapyfun.com, but today she’s in: The Speech Room! 

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  1. Great idea! Speech therapy and fitness at the same time! Loving this blog hop!

  2. I bet your kids love coming to your room! I am fortunate to have a full-sized room because of my preschool large-group session, and I love building in movement breaks. Fun ideas!

  3. Some fun ideas! I never actually had my own speech room :(

  4. Really fun ideas Jenn. I like the Hide and Seek for following spatial directions.

  5. Love the idea of the Articulation Race! I cant wait to use that one! Thanks!

  6. Love, love, love the idea of scavenger hunts!

  7. I'm a big fan of movement too! Mu students are seldom the best "sitters," and movement not only helps them stay focused with me, but sends them back to the classroom fresher than when they left. Great ideas! Kim


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