Dollar Spot Ideas for Speech Therapy {Linky}

Monday, January 18, 2016
The Target Dollar Spot is my jam. I’m like a moth to a flame especially because it is RIGHT THERE when I walk in the door. You can’t avoid it either, can you?

I’m linking up with Kristen from Talkin’ With Twang and other SLPs writing about how we use dollar store finds in our speech therapy world. The Dollar Spot is like the perfect potpourri of things I need and things I didn’t know I needed. It’s a great place to find gems I can use in my little speech therapy world.
Containers – they always have these cute little tin buckets that are perfect for organizing markers, crayons, and pencils that I seem to have too many of. I LOVE to have things organized. LOVE. It makes my heart happy.

Party horns, straws – I use these frequently in speech therapy. They are a fun way to work on lip rounding, airflow, and tongue retraction. Kids don’t think this is therapy and I don’t tell them. It’s better to tell them we are racing a cotton ball with the straws- they know I’m competitive. Can’t help it.

Stickers – I know, I know. I have enough. I use them a lot though. My student’s love picking out the perfect sticker to put on their folders at the end of a session. I also love finding ones with eyes. They offer a fun way to work on writing dialogue.

Cute notepads, sticky notes, and pretty pens – Honestly, I can’t control my self. I sticky note E V E R Y T H I N G. This also supports my list habit, because it makes me happy to cross things off the list. Who’s with me?

Also, I write a lot of quick therapy notes about session or a quick homework or praise note home to a parent (kids love seeing me write a little note about something awesome they did in therapy – especially when I don’t tell them I am going to – I just do it…and they watch). I can feel them smiling as I’m doing it.

So, do you love the Target Dollar Spot as much as me? How do you use dollar store finds in your speech rooms?


  1. The Target Dollar Spot is amazing! I also got those notepads a couple of weeks ago. I love your notes to parents on sticky notes! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love the Dollar Store, too! They are the best for organizing!

  3. I love stickers from the Dollar Spot! I just started to check out the containers and I am now obsessed!

  4. Oh the little tin containers:) I also have quite an addiction to any office supply! Right with you girl! Your sweet notes to parents are inspiring!

  5. Let me try again! The notepads are really cute! I have to steer clear of the Target Dollar Spot...bad memories of working there & having to clean that section up! :) I always look (just in case), but with 1 eye! :)

  6. The Dollar Store is my favorite place to pick up stickers also! Great post!

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