Celebrating the Super Bowl in Speech Therapy

Monday, February 1, 2016
We are celebrating the Super Bowl this week in my speech room. I am so excited! I love me some Peyton Manning! I went to the University of Tennessee at the same time as him, so we’re like BFFshe just doesn’t know it.

Anyway, did you know he had a cleft palate at birth? He had several surgeries to repair itI love the tie into our speech world.

I have several students who LOVE footballL O V E it. So, I am trying a new lap book and though I’d share it with you!
It incorporates a little of speech and a little of language to cover all our bases.

Here is the lap book closed. *Updated every year!

Here is the lap book open: 

On the left is a short writing prompt for the student to say WHO they think will win and WHY (challenge them to come up with at least one reason.) 

In the center is a football field that you can use for descriptive writing (I used the EET method). The students can color the field after completing it. 
On the right flap at the top is a pocket for their football “practice” words (get it, practice?)  

At the bottom is a pocket for super synonyms- I love alliteration.

I hope you enjoy this - share your finished lap book on Instagram and tag me: @ashleyrossislp


  1. Luv luv this! I can't get enough of themed materials so thank you for this. I am not a football person s this will begin my collection!

    1. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by! I'm working on a Valentine's Day lap book!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Thank you!

  3. So excited about this! Thanks so much!


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