Easter Freebie for Speech Therapy

Sunday, March 13, 2016
Easter Speech Therapy Freebie

Are you busy planning for Easter activities in your speech therapy room?
I have a fun freebie for articulation!

This is a simple, no fuss planning game if you are working on /R/our favorite sound, right?!

Simply print, cut out words you are targeting (vocalic /r/, initial /r/, and blends). Put them inside plastic Easter eggs. You could even hide them around your therapy room. Take turns opening them, saying them or making sentences as many times as you want to target.
There are special cards that say, “My egg cracked!” If this card is opened, they lose their card pile. Who ever has the most cards left after all eggs are opened is the winner!

I know my kids are going to love itI may stick a few jellybeans in some of them!

Download it here.

I hope you enjoy this! What are you up to in your speech rooms this spring?


  1. Cute and easy! Thank you so much!

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