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Sunday, June 26, 2016
How to use Brag Tags in Speech
Have you heard about Brag Tags for Speech Therapy? Maybe you have seen classroom teachers using them and wondered how you could use them in your speech room. I LOVE Brag tags in speech. Let me tell you why! Download a FREE set too!
Last year I was SO, SO tired of having a treasure box with dollar store toys and candy. I was tired of the complaints that I didn’t have the right candy or the right toy...can you relate? So, I wanted to switch things up.
I had seen some on Pinterest for regular classrooms and thought it might be fun for kids in my speech room to collect them too.
Little did I know how popular and EFFECTIVE they would become.
Here is how it works in my speech room:
Setting Up:
First, you need to download and print the brag tags. I recommend printing on card stock. Laminate first THEN cut out. Save your sanity and use a paper cutter!
I LOVE containers. I use the Acro-Mils 64Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet. It measures 20-in by 16 in and comes in black. Thank you Amazon Prime for shipping it free to me in 2 days...not that I’m impatient or anything.
64 drawer organizer from Amazon makes speech brag tag storage EASY!

It is super light and holds 64 brag tags. It has clear drawers so you can easily see what tag is where. Simply cut one and tape to the inside front of each drawer. Sometimes I group similar tags together in one drawer.

I use 1-inch binder rings. I have a bulletin board with everyone's nametags and push pins that the binder rings rest on. Students can quickly grab their tags to add new ones. Each student gets a "My First Day In Speech tag" when I introduce the concept. When they earn one, they add it to their ring. Another idea is to use pocket charts on a bulletin board. 
I let them take them home for good when they finish speech, at Christmas break, and at the end of the school year. It’s also a fun idea to take a picture of them occasionally with their brag tag and send to mom or dad. Parents LOVE this.

Keeping It Going:
I do NOT print the entire set to begin the year. There are hundreds of tags! I print my most common articulation sound tags & other common goals and several of the "motivation" tags. 
At the beginning of each month, I print only those relevant to those holidays or seasons. 
This is VERY managable.

I often put a few up on my whiteboard for kids to see...a little motivation.
One thing I make clear is that they are NOT ALLOWED to ask for a Brag Tag. I want them to work diligently all the time...but it sure is fun to surprise them with a tag to reward hard work and effort!
I hope this gives you a little insight into brag tags in the speech room. 

You can get Speech Therapy Brag Tags in my TpT store. It is a HUGE bundle with over 500 brag tags. It includes "I Can" statements, Holidays and Special Days, Articulation and Language Brag Tags, Motivation Brag Tags, and a journaling notebook! A journaling notebook gives you the flexibility if you don't want to laminate or have display concerns.
Great post on how to use brag tags in speech therapy!

If you'd like to download a FREE set of brag tags, just enter your information below! 


  1. These are really wonderful! I checked them out on your TPT page and I had a couple of questions. For the life of me, I could not figure out how to ask a question on TPT!
    If I purchase these now, will I get the others that are in production at a discounted rate?
    Also, are any of the tags editable? We have some events at school that are unique to other districts. I would make some extras myself, but I want to make sure that they are uniform in size and such. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Mer-Maid! Thanks for checking these out. YES!! You get all the upcoming brag tags that are in the works. So, when I release a new set (the articulation and language will be this week), it will be added to the bundle. Go to "My TpT" in the top right, under BUY, click "my purchases" and find the Brag Tags bundle. If there is an update, it will indicate in red, "Newly Revised Re-download Now" -the new ones will be there! Additionally, any updates/additions I make in the future will show up there! I do have some brag tags that will have an editable portion coming out and will be available in the bundle as well. You are always welcome to email me at: Thanks again!

  3. Hi, How do I get the free brag tags? I am dying to try these.

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  5. How often do you give the students brag tags? Do they have to reach a certain criteria level or is it a random surprise?


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