Football Fun In Speech Therapy

Sunday, September 4, 2016
How to incorporate a football theme in the speech therapy room! Great book suggestions, games and a free download!
Fall and Football in speech therapy is such a fun time for me. Do you incorporate football? Read on to see how I use some great books and games in my speech room...and grab a freebie for yours!

How to incorporate football themed activities in speech therapy
Do you remember making paper footballs when you were younger? It seems like all little boys love making these. They are super easy and fast to make. (perfect sequencing activity...first, next, then, last) If you're not sure, just Google "how to make a paper football" and several step by steps will show up. I let students write their articulation words, vocabulary words, etc. on them (see picture below) and we try to score through the LEGO goal posts. Yep, we make those too. Sometimes, I have the pile of LEGOs and they have to "earn" the bricks to build the goal post before we can play football.
I also love using some football related books. 
A few of my favorites for younger kids are Hooray For Fly Guy by Ted Arnold (think articulation - /R/, /FL/, Turkey Bowl  (great for Thanksgiving time) Kick the Football, Charlie Brown (I love Charlie Brown for vocalic /ar/) and Kick, Pass, & Run (this one has great football terminology).
Great ideas for football themed books in speech therapy
Some great chapter books are Football Genius (and the series by Tim Greene), The Extra Yard (Mike Lupica writes great sports books for boys). I always grab a few during the school book fair - they always have some "football all-stars" for the current year. Non fiction reads are always a hit. And the boys think I'm cool. So, there's that.
Great ideas for using football books to keep boys engaged in speech therapy
In my TpT store, I have a few football related resources. A free open-ended game board HERE and a No Prep Articulation for Later Sounds HERE
Football themed articulation for speech therapy - perfect for my boys obsessed with sports!
Download a Vocalic R No Prep Football Articulation Freebie HERE. If you like it, you can purchase the full resource with 68 pages of no prep football-themed articulation for later sounds!
Thanks for reading! I hope you got a few ideas to keep those sports-loving kids engaged a little more this fall! 

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  1. Love the idea of the paper footballs! So many great little time!


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