How I'm Teaching About The Election

Sunday, October 30, 2016
How to teach about Election Day

I’m excited about Election Day! It’s all over the news and I know kids are hearing their parents discuss it. But likely they don’t really understand it all. What’s a primary? Who can vote? What does it mean to register? Read on to see how I’m teaching the election process to my students!

The election can be a tricky subject given the tense nature of our current political atmosphere. However, I feel it is critical our students have an understanding of the election process. Regardless of all our divisiveness, as Americans, we live in the greatest country on earth. Here’s how I teach it to my students...
If you follow any of my other blog posts, I always incorporate books for any topic. Because...vocabulary.
My favorite Election Day books
I found Snoopy For President recently at Barnes and Noble and immediately fell in love. Pigpen and Linus are running for class president. It’s really cute and references a lot of typical election vocabulary and strategy. 
I also found SplatThe Cat For President. It’s a clever twist because it is after Splat wins his election and has to deal with the fall out of all the promises he made while running! I love the discussion this initiates! 
Another new FANTASTIC election book, One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote has classic Cat in the Hat rhyme and covers the concept and practice of voting. 
I also like Election Day(Robin Hill School).

My favorite Election Day books
Two of my favorite chapter books (for my upper elementary) are President Of The Whole Fifth Grade and Bad Kitty For President. Bad Kitty is running for neighborhood cat club and there is a pretty good tie in to a traditional election process. Your students will love this! President of the Fifth Grade is not an “election” book necessarily but I like it because it features a female lead who has a lot of ambition!
Teach the election process easily with this engaging lap book
I made an Election Day Lap Book for a creative way to teach the election process to my students. It focuses on how to vote, who can vote, when and where to vote. It also has election vocabulary that offers differentiated learning (you have the option to fill in your own definitions or use the ones provided). Additionally, open-ended writing for each candidate is included. Students can look up biographical and professional information for each candidate. And last, a realistic voter registration card and ballot! This has become one of my best selling resources in my TpT store
Activities to teach about the election

You can check it out here. Be sure to read some of the feedback to see how others have been using it with their students!
I hope you enjoy teaching the election in your room. My biggest hope is that, no matter what political side we fall on, that as educators, we instill a love of country and value the importance of voting. Freedom isn’t free. God bless America!


  1. This is such a fantastic idea! It is such a tricky topic to teach with my students so any supports are always a bonus! I also love to use Grace for President.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful ideas! It is such a tricky subject, but your suggestions are perfect for making the subject fun to learn about!

  3. Thanks so much! I hope you got some great ideas!

  4. These are wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing! You have me motivated to go look for some of those books that I'm not familiar with!

  5. I love the lapbook idea! Great blog post and I agree about books for vocabulary. Clifford for President is one of my favorites this time of year :-)

  6. I love using real-life events to teach vocabulary and discussion to children. However, given the current political events and climate, I didn't think the news exemplified the best of the American democratic process. I will look for some of the books you suggested instead. Thanks for a great list of child-friendly titles and your creative ideas, Ashley.


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