How SLPs Can Survive The Last Few Weeks Of School!

Thursday, May 4, 2017
How Speech Therapists can survive the last weeks of school
So my fellow school SLPs, the end of school count down is ON!! But how do we survive without going crazy or collapsing on the floor of exhaustion? Well, honestly my best two tips are be organized and make lists! I'm a list maker. Are you? I am not ashamed to say that I write simple tasks down just to cross them off my list.
Eat lunch
drink more diet coke
check Instagram....
Seriously friends, we need all the help we can get these last few weeks - I have a few helpful ideas (and freebies) I'll share with you.
This time of year is crazy busy. It seems like every day at my school there is a field trip, choir program, Mother's name it. So scheduling kids is impossible on top of all the re-evaluations, reports and meetings to attend. I have a hard time keeping up. I have a great calendar that is my lifeline of sanity. But I also keep a printed list of JUST SLP related things for that week on my desk that I can check off. You can print a copy for yourself (scroll to the bottom). It is available in color and black/white & EDITABLE.
My school is out at the last Friday of May. I've already made end of the year "gifts" for my students.
I found several things at Michael's and WalMart. You can download the gift tags I used HERE.
Michael's had splash balls in a 2 pack and inflatable beach balls - both for only $1.00!!
 Wal-Mart had a 6 pack of bubble wands for only $3.88. So I made these cute gift tags and I am SET!
gift tags for bubble wands

As you may know, I LOVE brag tags. I made some really special ones for my "End of the Year Awards." They focus more on character and individual personalities than achievements. Some of them are: Problem Solver Award, Manners Award, Focus Award, Wise Choices Award... there are 20 in color and black/white. You can fill in their name also.
Everyone will be proud to get one!

Also on the last day, I let them fill out a "My Last Day In Speech" page. It's a fun way to reflect on their time in speech. I'm always a little surprised by their responses! You can download it HERE for free! It is in color or black/white. 

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