Articulation Toolbox Easy DIY for SLPs

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Articulation Toolbox DIY
Hi, my name is Ashley, and I'm addicted to organization hacks! I'm going to show you how I quickly and easily made this craft storage container pretty using the colors in my therapy room. I'm sorta on a turquoise kick lately. This is a fun summer project!

I ordered the Akro-Mils 24 drawer storage and craft cabinet from Amazon. I used the Devine Color by Valspar Glossy Color in "Devine Crush" at Target.
They had many colors to choose from, but ya know, this was the prettiest.
I set up in the garage so as to get ventilation but not wind. Wind and spray paint do NOT go together well. I had a large section of black craft paper (newspaper works too) to protect the garage floor surface. Next, I took out all the clear drawers and set them aside and positioned the storage container face up.
I followed the directions on the spray paint can. It went on beautifully and I was actually surprised with how easy it was. No drips or anything. I did have to work a little bit closer to get all the inside covered well. I did 2 coats and it dried in about 2 hours. I then brought it inside and let it sit on newspaper to finish drying overnight - ya know...just in case.
I made these labels to coordinate! After laminating them, I used a paper cutter to cut them out. 
I used double sided tape to adhere to the front of the clear drawers. Here is the finished product.

I LOVE how it turned out!!!!
The 24 clear drawers measure: 4-3/8-Inch x 2-Inch x 5-1/4-Inch and my Articulation Cards fit perfectly. I love that these drawers easily pop out for me to take over to my table.
My Super Duper cards and other articulation cards fit in easily too.
I recently also made coordinating Language Toolbox Labels and supply labels too! They are EDITABLE.
No more cans and little boxes!

This was a super easy, fun project. It already changes the whole feel of my speech room!
Now go get your DIY on!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing this one DIY tutorial that will help me to craft articulation toolbox in a perfect way.
    Emma Charlotte
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  3. I just finished assembling the whole product--toolbox, labels, and all--and I cannot WAIT to start using it this year! It is going to make my therapy incredibly efficient, and I'm thrilled to use these for years to come! Thanks SOOOO much! :)

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  5. That Valspar Glossy Color is really cool. I love theirs palette. You can always find the right shade you need. And it's quite high quality. Color is solid and very vibrant. Really cool. You even don't need to cover the surface two times to get right shade. I even rote a review of about this brand.


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