Road Maps For Speech Sounds: Organizing and Books For S and Z!

Saturday, June 17, 2017
This week I have been working on getting all my materials organized for the sounds S and Z that I work on SO much. Read on to see my best tips and what books and activities I use!
It seems like I'm working on /S/ EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. How about you? I find it's fairly easy to get the student to "see" the sound and even make it correctly, but moving it to conversation speech seems to always be the biggest challenge for me.
favorite books for working on articulation for S and Z
You can check out all of the books for /S/ & /Z/ in my Amazon List (affiliate link). One of my favorite books is Caps For Sale for working on /S/. It is highly repetitive and is always a favorite with the kids. They actually request this one often. Another go-to is the "I Spy" series. You have to say the phrase "I spy..." over and over. I also love the added benefit of visual discrimination. These are in almost any library and almost any store I go to - I get most of mine from used bookstores. 
The Fly Guy book series is very popular too. I love using it for my beginning readers. It has the boy's name, "Buzz" in it frequently so it's great for using when targeting /Z/.
Again, I always try to select books that are not just "cute," (like Splat books), but that have rich vocabulary or other literary aspects that I can touch on like Dr. DeSoto (wow, one of my all time favorites).
speech sound bookmarks for working on articulation
I've made bookmarks for you to print (see the link below). I chose 12 books for /S/ and 4 for /Z/. Let me know if there are any I missed for these sounds! Also, you get the Road Map for /S/ and /Z/. It has some placement strategies, other activities I use and a short word list to probe or use as auditory bombardment/progress monitoring.
More Road Maps coming soon! Check out Road Maps For L and Road Maps For R.
Make sure to pin any image above so other SLPs will see it and you can always come back to it.

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