Road Maps For Speech Sounds: Activities & Books For Articulation Therapy: R

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Articulation therapy for /R/ can be frustrating; especially when finding ideas for carry-over. As I was going through my books, it was hard to narrow down my absolute go-to suggestions. Our "favorite sound" to work on is in nearly every book, but I wanted to select those that would have the greatest impact in a variety of formats. Along with Road Maps For S and Z and Road Maps For L, I also created a my best tips, a list of activities to pull from, and a short word list for prevocalic R, vocalic R, and R blends. 

I've stated countless times, give me ANY speech or language goal, and I can find a book to target it. Figurative language, sequencing, following directions, and especially articulation or anything in-between. I think children's books are GOLD
So what you get in this free download are my best tips for how, after 20 years as a practicing clinician, I approach R. I personally have seen the best results by taking a phonemic approach. Meaning, I like to isolate each R sound and drill, baby, drill! I like to find at least ONE correct R production. It may be a blend, vocalic AR, or prevocalic R. Typically there is SOMEWHERE to start. (would you pin this image below for me! It will also help you come back to it later if needed).
A great list of books for articulation therapy for working on R
I've also put together my favorite book suggestions. 
The list could easily be WAY longer. I did add a second page to this Road Map...because, R.
Shorter length books: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Horse In Harry's Room, Are You My Mother, and The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse. These are ideal for younger learners as many are easy readers.
Longer books: Officer Buckle and Gloria, Horace and Morris But Mostly Deloris (guess what vocalic R this targets?), and The Story of Ferdinand - rely on these for stronger readers working on conversation level.
This is a great list of books and activities for targeting R in speech therapy

How do I use these Road Maps? I print them on regular paper (sometimes color because, why not?) and stick the tips and activities in a folder, then I tape the bookmark on the inside cover of the book. I have the student read the list as a "preview practice" prior to reading the book or before I read it to them. I also send them home for parents to use as "homework." I hope it encourages reading with their kids. I've even had one parent tell me they started looking for their "target sounds" in all their books at home! Score!
I hope you are enjoying this series. I've found it convenient for when I need a quick therapy idea. 
Click HERE to download your Road Maps For R!
Please pin the images above to share with other SLPs who may want to download too!
Stay tuned for more sounds coming soon!


  1. Thank you! I'm working with the librarian to make these bookmarks available for our speech friends and others as well. I love to collaborate with others in the building!I can't wait for the sh, ch, and th!

  2. I love these road maps and have been using them for other sounds! However, the link for the /r/ is not allowing me to put in my information, it just takes me to a blank page! Is there anything else I can try to gain access to this roadmap? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kacie! It should work correctly now! I inadvertently changed the settings to show the form. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. These are WONDERFUL! I can't wait to see the next set :)


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