6 Ways To Use Mini Erasers In Speech Therapy

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Like many of you, I'm a bit obsessed with the mini erasers found at Target, Five Below, and Party City. I've been using them in speech therapy for a while & wanted to share some of the ways you can use them too!
I will say my favorite mini erasers are from the Target Dollar Spot. They typically come in packs of 60, so I pick up several. Mini erasers give the added benefit of fine motor work. Many of my students need the additional help to build strength & coordination for correct pencil grip.  
How do I use mini erasers?

1. Covering Articulation Targets
My students (especially when in groups) love rolling a dice and seeing who can cover up their page first. I use erasers with Dice and Dot For Speech & Language and 100 Articulation Trials or the 50 Articulation Trials. The nice thing is, they can then take their page home and then color it as they practice! Download an additional free set at the bottom of this post!
FREE download for using mini erasers in articulation therapy
2. Describing
Simply pick out an eraser and use it for EET! Perfect if you have a large variety like me. Rainbows, bunnies, stars, apples...

3. Following Directions & Positional Words
"Put the rainbow eraser inside the cup." "After you put the dog eraser on the table, hand me 2 unicorn erasers." The mini erasers make GREAT manipulatives. 

4. Pacing for Apraxia or Multisyllabic Words
I have found that my students working on multisyllabic words have an easier time tapping on a tactile cue. Kids can pick out a handful of erasers and place them on each syllable - then tap them as we continue practicing. 
6 ways to use mini erasers in speech therapy

5. Rewards or Birthday Treat
Something about these brightly colored little erasers - they make the perfect reward for on-task behavior, filling up a punch card or the perfect grab item for a birthday surprise! A very inexpensive option.

6. Categories & Attributes
Have students sort them by color, animals, seasons, holidays, etc. 

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